About Samil Power
About us
Samil Power develops and manufactures PV grid-tied inverters with world leading-edge technology. Founded and led by an Australian of Chinese extraction with an engineering background. Samil Power is recognized as a well-known provider of grid-tied solar inverters and mounting systems.
Samil Power has more than 10 branches worldwide, main locations are Sydney, Munich, Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuxi and Suqian. One factory occupies 33,000m2 (approximately 8.23 acres) of land, while another, approximately six times larger in size, is under construction. And two R&D centers are about 10,000m2 in total.
What we offer
Samil Power has been growing steadily and gains a worldwide reputation for reliable products and quality. We produce safe and efficient grid-tied solar inverters for domestic, commercial and utility scale power plants. We also offer one-stop equipment services (modules + mounting system + inverters) for grid-tied PV systems.
Our staff
The workforce comprises of more than 600 professionals, of which more than 30% are dedicated to R&D, and are a key asset to Samil Power. A high efficiency management team and high quality technicians power the company to success. In Samil Power’s kingdom, common employees and managers alike learn fast, making rapid advances in work efficiency.